Cartagena ATV Tour

Bomba Tours - Cartagena ATV tour and Tubing Promo - Save 30%

Cartagena ATV Tour

Get ready to experience the thrill of exploring the rugged  terrain, breathtaking scenery, and hidden gems of our beautiful  destination on one of our exhilarating ATV tours. Whether you’re a  seasoned rider or a first-timer, you will have an unforgettable adventure. So rev up your engines and let’s hit the trails! 

Tubing in Cartagena

Bomba Tours - Cartagena ATV tour and Tubing Promo - Save 30%


Get ready for an exciting tubing experience around Tierra Bomba Island in Cartagena! Feel the thrill as you bounce off the waves, zipping through the clear waters. It’s a fun and adventurous way to enjoy the island’s beauty while enjoying a bit of speed and a splash of excitement. So, get your swimsuit on!



Package Deal - Minimum 4 Passengers (up to 7)

Save 30% from regularly priced individual tours

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Does it get any better than this?

Whats different?

We own and operate all of our tours. Our tours are never crammed with people like sardines. We don’t shuttle you from one tourist trap to another. Instead, relax and relish the journey as we seamlessly transport you from site to site. We own a small private resort with an outdoor bar, Turkish sauna, swimming pool, showers and a place to sit down and eat in comfort without being hassled. No obligations, no awkward interactions, and certainly no additional expenses. Your day is all about enjoyment, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience without a care in the world. Enjoy a delicious local lunch or dinner with a choice of fish/chicken or beef. A non-alcoholic drink is served on arrival to our activity center and with your meal.

The Tour

The Cartagena ATV Tour, brought to you by Bomba Tours, commences at our activity center. Our journey sets off from Cano del Oro on Tierra Bomba Island, accessible via an included water taxi boat ride of approximately 15 minutes. We’ll pass through the local town, offering you a glimpse of everyday life, and then delve into the island’s flat-lands, navigating through jungle-like terrain and local small lake systems, ultimately reaching the northern beach-side. Here, a refreshing break awaits, allowing you to enjoy a beverage, take a swim if desired, and capture photos against the backdrop of the ocean water and Cartagena’s city skyline.
Continuing on-wards, we proceed through another local town, entering the more exhilarating segment of our tour. This phase takes us up and down the island’s mountainous region, a favorite part for both us and, surely, you as well. Our adventure concludes with a return to the resort, offering you the chance to savor a meal, refresh with a shower, and change of clothes if desired.


The whole trip from pickup to drop-off at the dock is about 5 hours, so keep that in mind when planning. Here’s the breakdown: the ATV ride  takes around 2.5 hours, and each person gets a fun 20-minute tubing session around Tierra Bomba island. Time is also allocated for showering, eating, and even a dip in our pool.

Cartagena ATV Tour
Tubing in Cartagena
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