Night Cruise in Cartagena Bay

Night Cruises

Our comfortable boats provide the perfect setting to experience the city’s illuminated skyline against the night sky. Whether you’re seeking a romantic ambiance or a private gathering, our night cruise in Cartagena Bay caters to your preferences.


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4 Hour Boat Rental in Cartagena Bay

Night Cruise in Cartagena Bay

Romance or party, we got you covered!

Whats different?

We own and operate all of our tours. Our tours are never crammed with people like sardines. We don’t shuttle you from one tourist trap to another. Instead, relax and relish the journey as we seamlessly transport you from site to site. We own a small private resort with an outdoor bar, Turkish sauna, swimming pool, showers and a place to sit down and eat in comfort without being hassled. No obligations, no awkward interactions, and certainly no additional expenses. Your day is all about enjoyment, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience without a care in the world.

The Tour

For our cruise in Cartagena Bay, we offer two distinct options: a smaller boat designed for up to 10 passengers with snug seating, and a larger boat that comfortably accommodates up to 10 individuals, allowing ample space for movement. If you’re seeking a romantic and intimate experience, or you just want to cruise around and have some drinks with friends the smaller boat is ideal. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a lively atmosphere with private spaces, our larger boat might suit your preferences. Within safety parameters, we respect your privacy without surveillance.

The tour entails a scenic cruise in Cartagena Bay, offering the flexibility to anchor at your chosen spot for a perfect meal setting or to cruise throughout the bay all night long – the choice is yours. The tour package includes a captain and a first mate who also serves as a waiter. Upon special request, we can bring a barbecue on board to prepare your meal on-site. Undoubtedly, one of the finest experiences Cartagena has to offer.

What's included?

Snacks, fruit, and non-alcoholic beverages is provided. Additionally, for adults, we offer a bottle of sparkling wine. While we don’t sell alcohol on board, you’re welcome to bring your preferred drinks, and we’ll supply a spacious cooler filled with ice.


For the Cartagena Night Cruise the boat is yours for 4 hours and you can change that as you like. You pick the timing, typically 5-9 or 6-10pm

Night Cruise in Cartagena Bay
Night Cruise in Cartagena Bay
Night Cruise in Cartagena Bay
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